Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October 2011

Mya and Matt are at Cooke's picking out the perfect pumpkin.

Matt, Mya and Avery are carving the perfect pumpkin. Unfortunately, it was the first part of October and it didn't make it to Halloween. Mya really struggled getting her hands in the guts. She didn't like the slimey feeling. Avery just wanted to eat everything.

We went to my parent's house for their yearly Halloween Carnival.
Grandpa loves this little monkey and princess.

This was a perfect carnival for Mya. Every game she played she got a prize. Her favorite was the set of candy keys that she ate all in one night. Avery slept for quite a bit of the time.
When it was time to go home we couldn't go because our keys were in Cami's pocket and she went into town to our favorite Mexican place. We had to wait for her to bring them back and nobody got mexican food, but we did enjoy a fast meal of hotdogs and hamburgers.

Halloween night: Mya as Snow White. This year we covered less ground than last year due to Snow White's shoe choice. She couldn't cover enough ground in her red clogs and really felt some sympathy for Cinderella becasue she kept losing her shoes as she went up and down the stairs.

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Grandma's 90th Birthday

Grandma turned 90 this year. We thought it would be great to throw her a great bash in her honor. She is one of the greatest people I know and I love her to pieces!

This is Grandma as she walked in a bit late to her own party with Isdanish and Maren

Mya LOVES her Grandma Great.

Russell, Avery, Grandma and Mya

Mya is trying to sing "Happy Birthday" But is feeling a bit shy.

This is all the children of Grandma and their spouces:
Top: Bob, Margie, Russell, Arlene, Chuck, Carolyn, Lee, Kay, Maureen, David
Bottom: Gene, Lila, Grandma, Karen, Dennis

This is the Family in their natural state.

This is Grandma with her favorite grandkids and great-grandkids. What a good looking family.

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Yellowstone 2011

Last year I thought it would be fun to take a road trip with a dear friend. It was sopposed to be like the good old days of college. Wind in our hair, full tank of gas, and freedom. We ended up taking 3 adults and 4 kids under the age of 2. It was maddness and we came home a day early. This year we decided to do it again and just have lower expectations. This time there were 2 adults and 4 kids ages 2, 2, 10 months and 6 months. We did not get good sleep and we still when home a day early. I thought the best part was the drive. It was great to hang out with my friend while all of our wild kids were straped into their carseats. I laughed so much that my face hurt. There is nothing like good friends. ADVENTURE CLUB 4EVER!

Mya sitting on something in West Yellowstone. I think the owner is on the way out to say that she needs to get off.

This is Jon, Mya, and Ruby. After this shot there was a little fight about who gets to sit on the moose.

The kids loved playing at the park. Part of lower expectations was bringing our food, not eating out, and not shopping for groceries.

On the way home we added 3 or 4 more hours to our drive by stopping in parks, visiting family, using the potty, taking detours, calling Triple A, and giving some people from Utah a battery jump.

I think we will be going again next year with even lower expectations and maybe more help from our husbands....
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2011 random summer

This is one of my favorite pictures even though it is taken from the truck window. Matt and Mya were throwing rocks while I took care of Avery. Mya would throw a rock as far as she could and it would only go into the grass in front of her. Matt stood behind her and would throw a rock just after she released her rock. Matt's rock would land in the water and Mya would be so proud of how far she could throw

This is another great picture with dad and daughter.

Mya loves to ride her bike. She feels like such a big kid. She even puts her bike on it's side when she gets off just like the big kids.

Avery loves her bouncer. She likes to spin and play with all the toys. When I first put her in the bouncer I had to hide the keys that were attached to it because she would get mad and them and scream in anger when she couldn't get them to move.

Mya thinks that part of going to the mall includes riding the train, getting chocolate, and riding a horse. I have decided that taking her to the mall is already to expensive.

This is Mya before she goes to her first birthday party. It was princess/Tangled themed. We went to the store to pick out Grace's birthday present and we found this dress. She was attached to the Snow White dress and insisted on getting princess shoes to match. I cringed at paying so much for something to wear to a 3-year-old's party but, I AM A SUCKER! Mya now wears this dress any chance she gets. If the Snow White dress is "missing" she will do all in her power to wear a dress or a tu-tu and a crown if possible.

This is Mya and Molly leaving the "Tangled" party.

This is Mya and Kelsey on a Playdate/mom break time.

Mya loves to wear sun glasses any chance she can.
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